Hello, i want to ask if Android 4.1 device will recognise mouse, keyboard and network (internet) if it comes from sigle USB port?

I mean i want to use this android computer:

In description is mentioned:
"Support USB Ethernet converter"
"Support USB 2.0 Wired Keyboard/Mouse"

i assume that device has only one USB port, so my question is can i use this USB hub product: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/With-3-port-HUB-USB-to-RJ45-USB-2-0-to-High-Speed-Ethernet-Network-LAN/32256344310.html
to connect:
a) RJ45 netork cable
b) USB mouse
c) USB keyboard
into this Android computer? All at same time and this Android 4.1 computer will recognize the network, mouse , keyboard all from one USB port?

Thank you

from this post it appears it might be possible to use multiple devices into hub