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Thread: How to find a good graphic designer and how much do they charge?

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    How to find a good graphic designer and how much do they charge?

    How to find a good graphic designer for designing a logo and how much do they charge? Do you have a graphic designer working for you continuously or do you hire a new one for each new project or website. Does he charge a flat rate or on an hourly basis? Do you pay an advance? many of the design outsourcing websites are expensive and charge $50 just for a listing.

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    Here are some tips to find good graphic designer:-

    1. Look at their work samples.
    2. Make sure they've actually done the work in their portfolio.
    3. Talk to the designer and Review their skills
    4. Check their turn-around time for replying to emails, sending quotes, and returning calls
    5. Review the rights that they're selling to you.
    6. You may be tempted to ask for some sample designs for your specific project

    looking for graphic designer

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    What is the difference between a graphic designer and an illustrator?

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    Try to learn the most interesting offers on the market. Compare the portfolio of companies and choose from those that you like most. I recommend you to check this website spdload.com/web-design/, look at the portfolio, read the information about the company and compare as I wrote earlier

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    Designers from around the world have very different ways of doing things, il go as far as saying that some countries have great web developers but bad graphic designers its quite strange.
    But to answer your question : look at past work in the portfolio and contactable references, testimonials that arent plagiarised. As for rates it depends many people ask way pay more for a design, most big corporations know, that while they may pay a small amount of money for the design of say a logo, they will be paying big money to put this log on banners, posters , bill boards websites and so forth not... now lets say something isnt right with the logo and they spend all that money on advertising, they know this, thats why they will spend a little extra on design to make sure that its right.

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