I would like to review this solar powerbank i bought from BuyinCoins.com

Waterproof 5000mAh USB Solar Charger Shake Proof Dust Proof Solar Power Bank - $12.39
Model ES500

I think all these similarly looking powerbanks are all nearly same, no matter from where it is bought.

Quite lightweight
Really feels shockproof
Small /no protection against rain
Battery capacity (in my case claimed 3700mAh) allows fully charging an smartphone
Solar panel looks quite durable, in my room, cloudy weather is 2.9 Volts
2 USB output and one MicroUSB input (charging from computer USB port example)

Long solar charging (i would say like one week on the window untill enough energy to charge phone) which means this gadget is quite useless. After some time i found that the charger discharge itself during night and barely do not charge during day, so it stays discharged most of the time and is useless thing to buy
No manual/instructions comes along with the device
Is not fully waterproof. "Super waterproof" feels like a hype / lie.
The thin soft rubber is all around the case on the sides and you can easily put it away. It clearly do not protect device from big rain, not speaking about dropping it into the water.

How it works:
Click powerbutton one time, you see how much charged it is (blue led lights)
Click twice powerbutton, you have an weak led diode which can serve as an emergency led lamp (its really weak, cant be used as real led lighter)


- 2,5 hour to charge smartphone battery
- maybe aprox. roughly 7 sunny days to acquire energy for one basic smartphone

Explaining led lights on the powerbank:
5 led lights.
First green light is an light intensity indicator
Second blue light blinks if charger is charged from external source
If charger begins to be charged externally, all blue lights begins to blink for like 4 seconds
When i connect external solar panel to the chargers microUSB port, it indicate charging, but when its connected to USB ports then it do not indicate. When charged from external solar panel, i think charger might be discharged at night if external solar panel not disconnected from it.

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