CheapSEOVPS was started for SEO specialists and those looking to break-into search engine optimization for their own sites. As Internet marketeers, we understand what SEO companies and website owners need to help their site get to #1 for their chosen keywords. Therefore, we offer people the chance to use a virtual private server (VPS) with fully-legal copies of the best SEO programs on the market.

In return for a low monthly fee, customers can have access to hundreds of dollars worth of SEO tools that run smoothly and if you choose the Professional or Expanded package, you can disconnect at any time and they will still work. As the servers we have come complete with 24/7 support, which enables any fixes to be completed in a matter of minutes, and thanks to our shared server having 24GB of RAM, 8 x 3.5Ghz CPU i7 Cores, they provide a service that is lightning-quick.

We never over-sell our service as we want to keep our reputation of having exceptional service, quick VPSís and ensure that all customers have the same support. As we offer fully-managed VPSís and ones with pre-installed SEO tools, you have a great range of options to run external programs without clogging up your main computerís memory.

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