How to run Linux (CentOS) on Windows via Virtualbox? How to install it and have an HDD from host OS in Guest OS (guest OS is virtualbox system Centos)?

Install CentOS Linux

1. Open webpage and click some mirror link on it:
2. Download .iso file which contains "netinstall" in its name
3. burn this iso on a CD or DVD, reboot PC and in the boot menu select to boot from CD/DVD OR if you want to run CentOS in virtualbox, Install and run Virtualbox Windows software and create new VirtualPC, create/set its virtual HDD and other parameters. Then launch this virtual PC and in devices/ CD add your CentOS netinstall .iso you downloaded. Then reset or reboot virtual machine and CentOS netinstall screen should appear. Select Installation.

Then you will need to select to install from Net, path to install is:
If path is still invalid (double slashes:*), check IP configuration (step back in setup)

Share folder from host OS into your new CentOS virtualbox (guest OS)

After Linux is installed on an Virtualbox virtualHDD, remove .iso from CD. Go to your Virtualbox Virtualmachine settings, go to Shared folders section and select HDD or folder to share with your CentOS installation, if it will be C:/mysharedfolder, take a note of the name of shared folder "mysharedfolder". Then reboot virtual machine. In Virtualmachine menu, enable clipboard: Device-> Shared Clipboard-> Bidirectional . Then after loged into Linux, run: cd /home;mkdir share;sudo mount -t vboxsf mysharedfolder ./share/

If error like "unknown filesystem vboxsf" is returned, try to Install "Virtualbox Guest Additions" from the Devices menu of your virtualbox machine window

If there are any issue, please kindly share, thx