please do You know any usefull tips on how to secure data that Firefox saves and remember?
(i mean like passwords, bookmarks, history, cookies) so no one can read it and it is encrypted... ?


Here im writing some tips i applied:

Do not leave computer without closing Firefox/Log Off. Use Anti badware solution like Spybot 1.x.x or good Antivirus software/Firewall to prevent computer infection by keylogger and similar.

Encrypt passwords: Go to Firefox, Options, Security tab and click to use Master password + "Change master password" From now on, no one can read your passwords if you close Firefox session, he will be prompted to enter Master password

Move your Firefox Profile folder to the encrypted container (example TrueCrypt.ch container). Profile folder contains all data like browsing history, saved passwords, auto saved forms, typed history etc.
To open Profile folder, open this in new Firefox tab: about:support
and click button "Show folder"
Then copy following text to the notepad or other text editor and close your Firefox browser.
Then open mounted decrypted volume and move the profile folder to it.
In my case i had these pathes:
old: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefo x\Profiles\trgf6qwm.default
new: W:\Portable\Firefox-Profile\trgf6qwm.default

Then go to Start menu/Windows logo, click "Run" or paste into Search field: %AppData%\Mozilla\Firefox
and open profiles.ini file. In my case it was in: C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefo x

in that file, change IsRelative=1 to IsRelative=0 and change the Path value to the new location of the profile folder, in my case (W:\Portable\Firefox-Profile\trgf6qwm.default). Now when you open Firefox, you can see all data are now saved into new location and old folder on system drive is empty.
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Additionally for performance purpose, im using FirefoxPortable and having it and its included Profile folder in RAMDisk and this RAM based FF folder is then synced to the decrypted (Truecrypt) drive folder. So FF is run from RAM and synced into protected Truecrypt container. The speed impact is not extreme, but speed is better.


Install HTTPS everywhere to enable encrypted connection even on sites that prefer HTTP

From https://addons.mozilla.org install "AdBlock Plus" or "Ghostery" if you want to block various ad trackers and Ads. Install "NoScript" to allow JavaScript, Flash.. only on selected sites

backup your Firefox profile data regularly, one way is to use Firefox Sync
Firefox Sync encrypts all synced data