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Thread: 301 vs 302 redirection

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    301 vs 302 redirection

    what is the main benefits of 301 & 302 redirection in SEO, please share some informative information ?

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    301 and 302 is permanent and Temporary URL redirection respectively. instant and more 302 redirection is consider as spam for website and may be your website ranking going down.

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    In terms of SEO .. 301 redirect is transfering link juice from old url to new url and 302 is keeping link juice with old url while moving visitor to new url ..... for crawler or search engine - 301 is permanent shift of url from old to new destination and 302 is just temporary redirect .... for visitor both are same ... user is redirected to new URL ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephinek View Post
    Both 301 and 302 are permanent redirect rule from one URL to another.
    Both are not permanent redirect .... 301 is permanent redirect as 302 is temporary redirect ....

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    301 redirect means “permanently moved”
    Use 301 redirect if your website is moving permanently from point A to B or if the URL structure has changed. A 301 redirect will have search engines like Google also redirecting most of the worked in ranking, SEO, earnings & visitor rates. Only use 301 if your website is moving truly permanently – as in forever.

    302 redirect means “temporary moved”
    Use 302 redirect if your website is only moving temporary to keep the SEO and ranking on your old website. With a 302 redirect you are telling the search engines that your old content is offline only temporary and they will keep the value of that page intact.

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