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Thread: What is the fastest way to get .apk from google play

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    What is the fastest way to get .apk from google play

    What is the fastest way to get an .apk android package out of Google Play store?
    I mean being on MS Windows or Linux. Or is there any very quick portable way just with Internet browser?

    for android, there are some apps when one search "APK downloader", but reviews are not good

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    open this site, place URL of google play store and click download .... apk will start to download ..... it is one of the best way ... if you are looking to download paid ones than you have to search for cracks and patches ......... it is illegal and never recommended several patches and cracks are infected and can brick your device ...

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    Time taken to downloading anything from Google Play store simply depends on the speed of your internet and network condition. Though, it takes time but it’s highly recommended that you should download any stuff from official store only.

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    What is the fastest way to get .apk from google play

    Thanks It is really good
    Hi buddy, I found an apk downloader site except from playstore and appstore,
    if you wan download free games, apps, comic, education apk fro Android or IOS, you can try see, cheers.
    Or guys, you have any suggestion for free downloader of apk ?
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    Use 4G data pack :P

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    I sometimes use APK-DL too. You're basically downloading from the Google Playstore but getting it in your desktop.

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