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Thread: Dell latitude - spacebar dont make space, how to solve

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    Dell latitude - spacebar dont make space, how to solve

    If you have Dell latitude laptop which has issues with spacebar, like when you tap on the side it dont make a space. You may try this. I had this issue too:

    1. Take knife or similar tool and gently push up spacebar from the side where is computer screen, not from yourself. Go gently from side to side and push it up.

    2. Look up for some flosses and hair under the spacebar and clean the area properly out of flosses etc.

    3. Gently add spacebar back and take a time to add it into place

    If you have still issues even on repeated cleaning, you may try to replace keyboard by a new one which may cost around 5-30usd ( Replacing keybard is not hard task and you can cleanup your CPU fan too. look for videos "latitude keyboard how to" and similar.

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    Take it to Service Centre As Simple as that

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