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    Hello dear members, i would like to let You know my experience with this Dedicated Server provider -

    This is my Server complete review:

    i have an Xeon X5650 dedicated server with them since November 2014 and now is August 2019 !

    They accept Paypal and crypt0currencies, it is ok

    Server setup
    it was very fast in like a few hours, but additonal IP subnet allocation was not that wast and i really needed to proove how each IP will be used. But support was always quite quick to respond.

    Abuse complaints handling
    Server is used for webhosting reselling. Im having risky customers and some hosting fraud and phishing sites. These gets suspended once i find them using my automated server examining system or when i receive an abuse complaint, proof. The abuse reports handling is automated at ServerComplete. One need to respond to the complaint in 24 hours. Once i solve issue/suspend/ban client account, i just mark issue as solved.
    Im happy with their abuse handling system. It is quick and you do not have to bother deaing with real person.

    Migration from DC to DC in same city
    they were migrating their servers frm DC to DC in same city of Jacksonville, distance like 20 minutes. It took 4 hours of downtime and i am happy about this, everything was as they said and scheduled.

    Other impressions
    i think people behind it are competent, experienced.
    Prices are good.
    Control panel is easy and enough features.
    I had issue with KVM, but that may not be their problem.
    I am not happy that they are not willing to give me a discount on the old server i am using, i think it is not fair.
    RAM upgrade they are offering is expensive in my server case.

    Please should you have any experience, kindly share it. Thank you

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    Hello everyone!
    I bought my server (dual Xeon L5520) about 5-6 months ago, everything since then was going fine until 2 and a half weeks ago. I had a great connection to my dedi, it never failed me, and was cheap. All the things i was looking for.

    So 2.5 weeks ago my HDD died (i was expecting this, it had a high head flying time, so wasnt expecting for it to last forever)

    it took the tech about an hour to respond and i gave him the go head to go through with replacing the hdd (3 hours in total to get to this point)
    i heard nothing from the tech for 6 hours, so i opened a billing ticket to see if i can get reimbursed for this. tech responded to my original ticket within the next 2 hours saying he needed a go ahead, i gave it to him. got a message the next day saying they would be fixing it then. by the time it was fixed it was the 3rd day, i installed ubuntu to test all is good. then i tried to install xen 5 server, welp now the server is stuck provisioning for 6+ hours, i submitted a ticket it was 6+ hrs for them to respond.

    will be switching after my month is done.

    buyer be warned, its decent service untill something breaks, then your SOL untill they get around to it.

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    Thx for a review, 3 days is too much for replacing HDD if it was business days... :-(
    As mentioned in my first post of this thread, i also have server with them, in my case i have two HDDs (Seagate Constellation.2 ST91000640NS) in hardware raid 1 with them, it works nice, running 4 years already. I had the installation of the Proxmox stucked too in last 3 months, they installed it for me manually in like several hours from submitting request. (which is good)

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