I was subjected to corporate espionage by a well connected diploma holder conwoman from goa, who installed sophisticated malware after falsely claiming that she wanted to work at home. Some of the largest internet companies in india have allegedly pampered and rewarded the greedy cunning young fraud with an important government job for her crime, falsely claiming that she has my experience,
Now she is stealing data daily, using the malware she has installed and greedily claiming credit as her powerful family and friends are ruthless blackmailers who steal webmasters retirement savings without a valid reason or court order .

Can anyone find out what kind of malware she has installed, how to detect, disable or remove it ? The photo and Facebook profile of the young pampered cheater from goa can be provided, someone should contact her and get information from her. Would prefer if someone from outside India can do some detective work and find out the software she has installed. She is currently working for Inquiry management systems ims.ca in verna goa