Is it safe to store passwods and other sensitive texts & files with KeePass?

What is KeePass and what it do
KeePass is an opensource (public code) Windows/Linux/Android (cross-platform) software, which creates an database file encrypted AES-256bit by master password. When database is opened and decrypted by master password, one can store passwords, or any other texts and even files/documents/archives in keepass database. All encrypted.

Database file is portable and can be coppied/backed up as one desire. In my case im using GoogleDrive Windows software to synchronize keepass database file to my google drive account. One can also use Dropbox etc.

Is KeePass secure on device/computer which is not top secured?
I want to ask how to secure my computer so i have peace of mind that passwords are all time safe?

I know one can lock keepass database anytime when leaving computer or there is configurable timeout when database is locked automatically.

BUT, what puzzles me is if some common keylogger software or something cant suck my passwords out of un-locked (mounted) KeePass database. I mean when the database is decrypted in readable state, somehow in memory or such? This im afraid of... but its maybe unprobably i would catch right this kind of malware. Thats also why i was interested if there is any anti-keylogger.