Many people ask this question. May be You are one of them!
How can i send thousands of emails on shared hosting and overide their hourly limit?

Shared hostings has like 200 emails per hour limit, when you send more, emails are silently trashed

Many shared hosting companies like have hourly limit. In this case 500 emails per hour send by your PHP script (wordpress, joomla, phpbb, vbulletin, phplist and more). When you reach this limit, your script will still be sending emails, but all these wont be sent out and will be discarted.... You may not notice, but your emails wont be delivered!

How to go around mail hourly limit?

The solution is to use right PHP script or modiffy your existing script the way that it sends emails in so called batches and with delays between each batch.

Example All in one solution for bulk mail sending

1. Register shared hosting like InstantcPanelHosting (500 email per hour)
2. Login your hosting control panel and create new mysql database with username linked to it. The result should be database name, database username, username password.
3. Download PHPList script ( ZIP file and extract its contents. Then upload script files/directory to your hosting (/public_html/scriptfileshere)
4. Follow the PHPList installation manual

Most affordable turn key mailing solution

How you can get "most affordable" solution to send around 24x500 emails per day?

1) buy hosting plan. You can buy the cheapest one for $0.5. If you need to host larger site/s too, buy bigger plans
2) let me know and i will install PHPList script for you there.
3) i will help you to setup PHPList config.php file so it send email in batches and overide default 500 mails per hour hosting limit.
4) You shoul be then able to send around 24x500 emails per day