How an webmaster / website owner can keep his website online maybe more than 100 years after his death?

How to keep online an website after webmaster death if giving it to the child is not an option.

Update: here are some ideas

0) idea 0
teach your wife/husband/son/daughter how to keep the site online and manage it

1) idea 1
ask lawyer or on the internet on how to handle this issue. In my country there one can write a will and create an fund which will pay expenses after death. The fund manager can be the lawyer company or the state?

2) idea 2
- move hosting and domain to some reputable company like namecheap
- add money to your account and enable automatic renewals for domain and hosting
- change your hosted files permissions to read only so they cant be changed by hacker without knowing hosting password

3) idea 3
move website contents to some free but reliable service like GoogleSites or Blogspot or similar

4) idea 4
sell the website to proper hands on time

5) idea 5
publicly share website backup and invite people to download it