There are dedicated servers payable via bitcoin, perfectmoney, western union, SEPA, moneygram and more.
If You need any of these servers, please contact support and server will be made available for your purchase right from ICPH website.

these are the servers which are similar to your requirements and which you can have with ICPH:

A) $99, 2 CPU threads @ 1,6ghz, 4gb RAM,8tb! HDD
B) $99, 4 CPU threads @ 3.6ghz, 16gb RAM,2tb HDD
C) $79, 2 CPU threads @ 3.0ghz, 4gb RAM, 250gb HDD!
D) $63, 2 CPU threads @ 1,8ghz, 4gb RAM, 1tb HDD, 1 IP only!
E) $105, 4 CPU threads @ 2,5ghz, 16gb RAM,500gb HDD, 4IPs only,+$8 to hve 12IPs
F) $85, 8 CPU threads @ 2,4ghz, 8gb RAM, 500gb HDD only!
G) $105, 4 CPU threads @ 2,7ghz, 8gb RAM, 2x2tb HDDs

CentOS 6 or any other OS, if IPs not mentioned, it means server has 5 IPs assigned. Setup is around up to 72 business hours.
mentioned price is for one server, if You need two, double the price please.

Please kindly let me know if You have any questions..


I am interested in purchasing two dedicated servers on a monthly basis with the following specifications,

500GB Hard Disk
Linux Cent O.S 6
No cPanel
Dual Core
5useable IPs
Unmanaged Server