Do you know any good OVH alternatives with same or the lower prices?

First lets list OVH offers..


SoYouStart basic

SoYouStart gaming

OVH enterprise

What about OVH alternative server providers?
I found these cheap dedicated server providers: - $29/8GB RAM, $0.75/IP, 5free (absolute no spam) - few cheap servers (not an OVH alternative) - from €10 - from €10 - $39/8GB RAM (they suspend server, no refunds if mass mail is sent out) from $35 EU, XeonE3,16GB,1gbit/20TB - €69=$95 (BAD support) EU, I7-3770,32GB,1gbit/20TB - €52=$72 + $2.8/IP(6+) (14=$40) - setup fees - from €5 - $110 32GB RAM, E3, 2x120gb SSD, 300mbit-1gbit unmetered, 20IPv4 (abuse: 72hrs, suspend IP/notdedi) (limitted offers from Online) - $110 48GB RAM, i7, 2x180gb SSD, 100mbit , $2.2/IPv4 - small dedies too, like kimsufi + NL - Very bad TOS, can prosecute for SPAM, low abuse tolerance,€2 IPs <-- some good performance deals - Delimiter usually have some cheap offer - $15 Russian, Paypal - germany (dualcore,2gb €19; €5/IP) - hungary small servers

------ thats all, rest is more expensive usually ------- - enterprise high BW servers for affordable price, low IPs - might be tolerant, nforce NL, multi Gbit connectons cheap, cheap 4TB HDDs.. - 24GB,2.26Ghz,8 Cores / 16 Threads - $80 + IPs $1(GOOD support) - Dual L5420 CPU/16 GB RAM/1TB HDDx2 - $80
- 2x4core,24GB,10IP,120,USA,Free Windows,free DirectAdmin (WHT) - 2x Xeon L5520 2.26Ghz, 24 GB RAM + 27 IPs 2TB HDD 10TB @ 1gbit - $80/month. - request custom deal, see email (here discount offers of cloudshards: first, second, third - european, not that cheap, but cheap IPs and Luxembourg - NL, US, DE - very good prices 32GB RAM, No IPs?! Cloudlinux$16,Centos5,cpanel$30,5 IPS max./3usd/IP - Will suspend server if repeated complaints, SSD, Affordable, cheap IPs ( - (suspend in 24 hours whole server if one IP abuse, its their policy)
needaserver coupon: Lowendtalk (they disconnect whole server if abuse report not replied 48 hours, ignorant unflexible behavior) - XeonL55xx, 36GB RAM, 1TB transfer - $85 (bad support) - NL, DE, 100mbit/unmet. - 4GB RAM - $30 29 IPs, WIndows
- 256 (/24) IPv4 addresses $120/mo (germany, even 1gbit port) - russian, $170/32GB XeonE5 (30mbit/s) (dont want warez) - US, CZ, cheaper cpanel, free windows, 5-10 free IPs (6core,16gb,79usd),1gb/s 150usd - 32gb, 100usd, US - not cheap, but cheap IPs, Czech (discounts) USA, IPs,72gb, (low quality support, have doubts) - expensive - $150, 1gbit unmetered shared - high BW servers w. HW raid & SSD & Standard DDoS protection - expensive, NO IPs, $80, 32GB RAM, unlimited, E3, 4HDD - czech/cz, check rates from $5
my current list:

# 0 check PM of DP user "cociu" hungary server low price, IPs, good transfer.

# 0.25 - hostsailor, see link below, SSD drives, raid, good price

# 0.5 check WT PM CZ server

Netherlands servers with lowest prices: (Filter: Amsterdam) - Netherlands, 8GB RAM, Quadcore, 2xhdd, $60 ($50 recur. after coupon "RESELLi3D") Netherlands 8GB RAM, $50, 1 IPv4

some interesting offers: DEE1R0DUQ2 (here and here - coupons);i=2 (nice support attitude. 48-72 hours setup, coupons) (may offer custom price/offer) (expensive, but PM,BTC payment) $95, 16x2,4GHz AMD, 16GB ram, 100mbit, 2x500HDD, 30 IPs, CZ! (see SZ)