i can offer linkbuilding on czech websites, link exchange and article writting /publishing. Im native Czech.

for example, i can build link on following czech language domains:

Also it can be links from various link directories in czech republic.
example: www.czsurf.cz

Also i can write short articles and publish them on czech article websites

Also i may participate in 3 way link exchange.

thank you,

Contact on me here

i can do slow, manual linkbuilding, even create some small websites and write articles. (all in czech language).
I can be reporting link placement and work done in document which i will share with you.
I can accept paypal, bticoin and other payment methods.
We can start by $20 payment
And i can write one article and build 2 backlinks. You should not require money back if some backlink is down, i cant guarantee that but i do not build backlinks i expect to be removed as SPAM etc.