Knowing your budget is more important. However, the exact cost of building an NFT marketplace development is variable and difficult to predict. It depends on many parameters, including:
Incorporation of features
Utilization of blockchain technology
UI/UX of the marketplace
Adoption of digital wallet
Developerís regional team
The simpler the NFT market, the less investment is required for the development. It is best to discuss your requirements with the development team and get a quote.

Different types of NFT marketplace
NFTs went mainstream in an uptrend in 2021 and are accelerating again in 2022. Hence, the NFT marketplace. There are many NFT markets today in different niches. Among them, the top NFT markets by volume, revenue, and traders (2022) are presented here.
OpenSea-the first and largest NFT trading platform
Axie Infinity- online video games process based on NFT
Larva Labs/CryptoPunks - 10,000 identical Digital items
Rarible - community-centric NFT marketplace
NBA top shot Marketplace - one of its kind collectible game

In the case of NFTs, there are endless possibilities. It does not seem like the NFT marathon will die down at any time specifically as big brands and celebrities continue to develop and offer creative NFTs. As digital assets, cryptocurrency and NFTs become more mainstream, NFT sellers and creators will execute a plan to differentiate themselves in the campaign. With the correct marketing technique and a little bit of patience, you can promote your NFTs successfully and stand out from the crowd.
The NFT craze is still at its peak, so now is the right time for those who want to discover the NFT market and start their NFT journey early. Keep going!!