Hi, I needed some backup service which will automatically and easilly backup/sync my HDDs contents to some remote internet computer. And i found that BackBlaze.com . In this topic i added screenshots of how it works.

What BackBlaze offers?
unlimitted disk space for your HDD files backups. Windows software to automatically nonstop backup your data on background. All in $5 monthly price

How BackBlaze works
You just run the BackBlaze windows software and it will be backing your HDDs data to BackBlaze server. It encrypts data on your PC and sent+store them securelly (encrypted). One can at anytime download .zip backup of selected files or ask USB flash or whole 4Tb HDD be mailed to him)

How much data we can store with BackBlaze?
It is not limitted!

How much does it cost?
Enter your email, download software in 15 seconds, run software and let it backup for you for 15 days for free. Then $5 monthly for peace of mind that you are safe if your HDD crash.

How to backup all HDDs remotelly & automatically for $5 monthly

Create an account by entering your email and password
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Download will start immediatelly
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File is clean, tested by 50 antiviruses
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After opening download file, BackBlaze SW will be installed and start uploading data for backup purpose
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Here you can see your client account on the backblaze.com
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Browsing your uploaded data and selecting some files to test restore function
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Lets download my backups so i can restore them
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The BackBlaze red icon in the tray area of Windows. Its there after each Windows start to take care of automated backups
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All this for $5 monthly, BackBlaze.com
Unlimited storage, peace of mind automated backups