Are there any safe Ioncube decoders?


Google: "ioncube_priv8_decoder_v1" and test via VirusTotal. I made sure to install VirtualBox portable and New Windows XP iso and then running this software separate from my main Windows for protection against viruses and backdoors. This ioncube decoder worked for me even on ioncube encoded scripts from 2014. PS: the found file to be suspicious 4/52 detection ratio.
If anyone want i can decode the Ioncube files for you (as i already installed it on my virtual pc)


Is this site safe and download virus free?

I think its rather dangerous as one can check downloaded file on 5c4d499102cdac/analysis/1416264570/

Detection ratio 31 / 55 , i tested it on virtualbox testing OS and this SW did nothing after lunch, cant run decoder.


Another site is:

The file downloaded from there has detection ratio 10/52 : 1a63ea42e125b5/analysis/
so probably dangerous too. i think i tried this one on virtual machine and it is an very old ioncube version supported.
Maybe running it on an virtual machine in Virtualbox or in some sanbox may give some safety

€5 per file
not tested


Decode small ioncube encoded file for free: