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Thread: Ubuntu + x-window-manager + VNC4Server - lightweight installation

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    Ubuntu + x-window-manager + VNC4Server - lightweight installation

    I used 230Mb large Ubuntu OS image from ICPH, tempalte name "ubuntu-10.04-minimal_10.04_i386-resolvgoogle" (or without resolvgoogle)

    After it is applied on the VPS and running (VNC connected), it is using:

    20Mb RAM
    364Mb HDD

    There is no webbrowser and its quite useless install

    How this VNC+x-window-manager desktop was installed:

    # apt-get install vnc4server
    # vncserver

    Then login via an VNC client yourserverip:1

    After firefox web browser is installed (apt-get install firefox) and webpage launched:
    225Mb RAM
    765Mb HDD

    Start VNCServer on boot? (alas for me did not work , and i have tried various methods)

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