I have got this cheap Chinese mouse (C-Tech WM-07) and I will review it.

This mouse quality equals its low price in this case.

Linux is supported: They do not mention Linux as a supported operating system, but it works in Linux. I have stable version of the Debian with kernel 5.10.0-25 so i expect it will also work under newer kernel, it may work under much older kernels though: https://linux-hardware.org/?id=usb:10c4-8108 .
Recognized as a "Silicon Labs USB OPTICAL MOUSE" or "YSPRINGTECH USB OPTICAL MOUSE" (by "xinput list")

- the click under the wheel is incredibly hard to click, you have to really push by significant force
- when moving really slowly (often when trying to carefully aim) on Linux and on Windows, the cursor is not moving. I consider this as important issue, turning this mouse into a backup mouse only.
- ergonomics not good - the two fingers that wrap around the mouse are not enough supported by the mouse ergonomics. You often touch the desk by that fingers and it is unpleasant when moving the mouse.
- left/right buttons does not click as easily as i would want, but it is not too big problem.
- mouse pad not needed, it works even without it for me
- no distracting/excessive lighting on the up side (nearly no light visible on the top).

Suggestion: buy only if you do not work much on the computer, if you work all day, get more expensive brand mouse.