Is there any free tool to report expiry dates for the list of domains?

If you know, please kindly share.
So far i found these, but somewhat dont works:

4) raw php script without any input form:
5) linux shell script that can output Registar name, Domain status, Expiry date, days untill expiry:

Regarding point 5 (linux shell script) following is the way how i installed it, i installed this way:
cd /root;wget;mv domain-check-2.txt domain-check;chmod +x domain-check;

if there is failure downloading that file from cyberciti, then here is backup file
so we have script at /root/domain-check, now we create new file with domain names one per line:

- vi mydomainnames
- "a" key to start typing/pasting data
- right mouse click to paste domain list (one domain per line)
- Ctrl + C to stop editting
- ":wq" + Enter to write changes and quit.

Now launch script and tell it to get domain names from our mydomainnames file

./domain-check -f mydomainnames

example output:
Domain                              Registrar         Status   Expires     Days Left
----------------------------------- ----------------- -------- ----------- ---------              ENOM, INC.        Valid    17-aug-2015   312                       JULIUS CAESAR, LL Valid    23-sep-2015   349                     ENOM, INC.        Valid    17-may-2016   586