Server has 2 HDDs, how to clone one system HDD to another or clone HDD via SSH?

We need remote console called something like: IPMI, DRAC, KVM over IP
Access this console and you can watch server scren like sitting infron of it.
Then find in console window way to attach "Media", or "ISO". Then you attach an linux live OS CD as an .iso
Then reboot server from that console.
At Booting start hit something like F11 or F12 to select boot device and boot from that CDROM or .ISO

Then two ways to clone HDD.

1) Clonezilla: (bootable .iso for cloning HDD), it allows easy menus for cloning HDDs or can work also with images, externally stored etc.

2) dd command:
cat /proc/partitions
if source drive is sda and destination is sdb, then do:
dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=1M
(make absolutelly sure if and of is correct or you may loose data, this process can take longer time to copy whole drive..)
(the destination drive should be same? or bigger than source drive..)

PS: "you may need to use gparted to capture new free space from a larger drive"