How to install centos 5.x via Dell Drac ( etc)

Run some DRAC or other console. If console is Java based, it will invite you to download an .jnlp file open it and login. If console opening fails with error, check C/Program Files/Java/jre7/bin/javacpl.exe and

decrease security level to medium or such. then try again running .jnlp file.

After login to server via console, find button to Add remote media or similar. Then add your .iso. Then issue Ctrl+Alt+Del command to reboot. Put your

fingers to F11 and F12 key and watch the screen, then hit the proper key to enter boot menu. (i did F11). Then select CD-ROM. The installer will now run to

install from your ISO.

During installation CentOS asked me for some path. I used: ; centos/5/os/x86_64/images (or without images?)
It will download some "stage2.img" file. Alse i mostly did just Enter key.


How to do it on the "Dell Remote Management Controller"? you click "Device", "Redirect ISO", then you select .ISO image from your local computer.
Then click "Keyboard" button and and click "Ctrl+Alt+Del", now prepare hitting some key to enter boot menu and select CDROM ISO or installation screen from

.iso image will appear automatically.

For Centos, installation method i select HTTP, then used: ; centos/5/os/x86_64