So when the Linux app dumped core, there is a core dump, .zst file:

$ sudo coredumpctl list
$ sudo coredumpctl info PIDNUMBERHERE

The developer asked me to run the program in GDB instead. Following are two possible methods that may do it, but developers may already provided debug symbols (as i understand it helps or make possible debugging) which should be downloaded and placed/extracted to the app folder.


cd /path/to/app/folder/; ls -l
gdb name-of-the-app-binary
set logging on
run name-of-the-app-binary
thread apply all bt full
(i can then check adb.txt file and after redacting some sensitive data, provide it tot he developer?)


ps aux|grep part-of-app-name
pgrep name-of-the-app-binary
attach [number]
thread apply all bt full

Am i wrong, what better way to provide good data to developer?