What is SPAM: I think SPAM is the unsolicited email that waste recipient time, Recipient did not requested this email and he cant unsubscribe it, sender dont respond on his removal requests.
SPAM is illegal so the owner of the IP address from which comming SPAM is required to shutdown spammer.

1) One services where to report heavy SPAMmer effectivelly and quickly?

As a hosting provider i am hosting people who send email (someone even tried to SPAM) and i can say that most impact SPAMmers caused me as a hosting provider is this services:

spamcop.net - it reports SPAM to the hosting provider (IP owner)
spamhaus.org - do NOT offer possibility to report spam

I think above mentioned SpamCop.net is effective ways to report SPAM.

2) Manually reporting SPAM (signifficantly effective way) - Discover IP of the SPAM sender?
1. One need to open so called email message headers or email properties (the email code). Example in Gmail, click arrow next to the "Reply" button and select to See message Original
2. Search above mentioned Email headers for phrasse "From". Next to this phrasse should be an IP address from which SPAM was sent. So we need to report this IP owner (hosting company) that spam is sent fromt heir IP.
3. When one have IP address from which SPAM is sent, one can discover IP owner example using http://www.myip.ms (or any other service which checks IP owner).
4. From IP owner details, there should be some abuse report email. Forward your spam email to that email address with short comment so they know this is SPAM sent from their IP.

3) Additional thoughts

If the SPAM is related to some US (USA) company, you may check this FTC.GOV article, there is mentioned an email where US company spam can be forwarded. But still as a best solution appears spamcop, spamhaus and manually report issue to internet service provider (hosting company) which own IP address from which SPAM was sent.

If the SPAM is promoting fake products, prescription drugs, deposit scam, phishing one may additionally forward email to Knujon @ coldrain. Phishing and other SCAM may be forwarded to [email protected]