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Thread: How to Add your New Domain to cPanel?

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    How to Add your New Domain to cPanel?

    Well there is a simple technique or you can say simple steps you have follow to add your new domain to Cpanel in this write we will show you step by step method to add your new domain to cPanel:
    1. First, you must log in to your Cpanel account.
    2. Once you have a login to your Cpanel, you must navigate to the Domain section.
    3. Then Click on the Addon domains option.
    4. You will see three text boxes opened. You can see that ‘no addon domains are configured at the bottom’.
    5. In the new domain new section, enter the new domain name that you want to add in your Cpanel account.
    6. Once you click the subdomain fields, Cpanel automatically fills the other fields.
    7. Now you have to manually change the subdomain field to add multiple domains name with the same name but with different domain TLD extensions.
    8. Also, do write the directory name manually in the Document Root Text box if you want otherwise, it will be done automatically by default.
    9. To create the FTP account for the new Addon Domain, tick the box labeled “Create an FTP account " associated with the Addon Domain. Once you have done with it. Additional settings will appear.
    10 Now, Cpanel automatically features the FTP username textbox.
    11. Now to change the user name of your FTP account, type it manually.
    12. Now type the password you are willing to use.
    13. And in the password again in the text, you have to copy the same password which you mentioned above.
    14. Recommended - To use the Cpanel Password generator option to generate a strong password.
    15.Now Click on the ‘ADD Domain’ when you are ready and your addon domain will be added.
    16. Now you can see the added domain by clicking on the addon domains again and will appear at the bottom of the CPanel Screen.

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