Looking for a Cheap VPS Hosting? Research the market as much as you can! But you would NEVER find any FULLY Managed VPS Server Hosting in the awesome price range that we offer! At GigaPros, we value your every penny and always provide you the cheapest VPS deals in the industry.

With over 5 years of virtual hosting experience and more than 10,000 customers under our belt, we know what it takes to boost your business using our high quality virtual private servers. We are the #1 VPS host for a very good reason and our goal is to provide the best VPS hosting platform using our premium quality virtual servers.

Our Linux VPS Hosting plans include the following server management activities:

- Reboots | OS Reinstalls | Hardware Problems | Reverse DNS | SSL Setup
- Connectivity Issues (RDC/SSH) | Site migrations | Managing control panel
- Third party software setup and configurations (on best effort basis)

It would take you just 2 minutes to order a Linux virtual server from us and customize it as a Cpanel VPS or even an Ubuntu VPS. You may also use your virtual dedicated server to run your own webhosting business. Choose us as your virtual host and enjoy the best integration of VPS & Linux.

VSP - 1GB Hosting Plan
Storage - 30 GB
Guaranteed Memory - 1 GB
Traffic - 10000GB
Price/Month - $15 ORDER NOW

VSP - 2GB Hosting Plan
Storage - 40 GB
Guaranteed Memory - 2 GB
Traffic - 10000GB
Price/Month - $30 ORDER NOW

VSP - 4GB Hosting Plan
Storage - 60 GB
Guaranteed Memory - 4 GB
Traffic - 10000GB
Price/Month - $60 ORDER NOW

VSP - 8GB Hosting Plan
Storage - 80 GB
Guaranteed Memory - 8 GB
Traffic - 10000GB
Price/Month - $120 ORDER NOW

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