Well, obviously, this is a must-take step for your website. As it keeps your website and keeps the files safe and secure. Having a backup can help you to face many situations. Consider the following scenario: your website has been hacked and your critical website data has been lost; a website backup will assist you in resolving this situation. as it can easily restore your website data back into your website, and it often only takes a few minutes to prepare your backup files

Well, let's discuss some reasons why website backup is important

1. Website backups save your time, energy, and probably money in various ways. It also safeguards your website against various malicious attacks.
As we are humans and not robots, and as we do make mistakes, we might sometimes remove some of the files of the website from the system, and when the time comes to change them, we might not able to put them back. In this case, a website backup will help you restore all the previous files.
2. Website backup prevents loss of data, as any data that has been deleted or lost; With the help of website backup might be restored in the future. Well, website backup is the best practice to keep your website ongoing and safe.
3. It simplifies your website migration process. Now you don't have to choose one file at a time and shouldn't spend time transferring the files one by one as it consumes both your time and effort.

So this is where website backup plays an important role. If you have stored your files in a website backup, then at the time of domain transfer, you can easily transfer your entire website without any hesitation.