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Thread: We want to create an app for pet owners.

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    We want to create an app for pet owners.

Where should we start?

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    The first and most important thing you need to do is work out the idea. Discuss with your partners exactly what your site should look like, what the application will be like, and what exactly it will do. Once you have found your idea and concept you can start developing the application itself. Use only the best programming languages such as JavaScript or Pyton. If you do not have such people in your team, then you can ask for help https://www.codica.com/services/online-marketplace-development/ software development.

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    We need to release a very useful app, I, for example, have eternal problems with complying with veterinarian requirements because of my workload, but if there is such an app, I can keep everything under control.

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    And it will be useful to add something like geo-tag base, base of pet's chips, ratings of pet's foods and cosmetics. I would totally use it, I have a corgy named Phoebe.

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