Hello, do you know any quick simple tutorials on how to use Webmin server control panel to host a website? I mean one have domain and he want to point it to webmin server and host website there..

this tutorial may help. if you have issue with it, please respond to this forum topic. Thx

How to setup a Webmin and a website quickly in a few steps

--- Domain setup at your domain registar ---

Domain registars like namecheap and godaddy allows registering so called nameservers or domain nameservers. One should create 2. One is ns1.yourdomain.tld and second ns2.yourdomain.tld and set IP address of these nameservers to be your VPS or Dedi server IP.


You have a server with at least 256MB RAM with Linux.

CentOS, Fedora, Redhat..

Ubuntu, Debian..

So you see you have to do around 2 commands to install Webmin via your server SSH/shell command line.

Then im able to login webmin at https://myserverip:10000 with username root and my server password.

--- Apache setup in Webmin ---

1) In webmin, go to: System / Bootup and Shutdown and make sure that httpd, named, mysqld are set to Yes - auto start at boot. Then go to: Servers / Apache Webserver and click "Create virtual host".
a) Document Root field - browse to select directory in which you will have your website. (If you need to create new directory, use: Others / File Manager)
b) Server name field - enter your domain name
c) submit - create server
3) Click newly created Virtual Server
4) click "Edit Directives" and after "ServerName" line, enter line "ServerAlias www.yourdomain.tld" this will ensure domain can be accessible via "www.". Click Save.

--- DNS SETUP in Webmin ---

1) Go to Servers / BIND DNS Server and click Start BIND in the top right corner
2) Click "Create master zone" and into the fieds "Domain name / Network" and "Master server" enter your domain name without "www." and Create
3) click "Address" icon and now we will be adding Address Recors. We always enter only "Name" field and "Address" field. Address field is always your server IP address. And name field create these: www, mail, ftp, ns1, ns2 and empty one (do not enter anything in "Name" field). So at the end we have 6 address records.
4) click "Return to record types" link to get back to editting your master zone for your domain you created in step 2. There click link "Name Server"
5) now "Zone name" will be: yourdomain.tld. (dot at the end) and "Name Server" be: ns1.yourdomain.tld. and Create. Then do the same for nameserver 2 (ns2.yourdomain.tld.)
6) click "Return to record types" and click "Mail Server". There "Name" field is "yourdomain.tld.", "Mail Server" field is "mail.yourdomain.tld". Priority can be 10. Create
7) then click link "Stop BIND" and "Start BIND" in the top right corner to apply changes.

Need more simple webserver setup? check: http://internetlifeforum.com/mysql-apache-php/2194-how-setup-website-server-zpanel-control-panel/