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Thread: MyBid - your best experience in Affiliate Marketing

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    Dear Partner!

    We are glad to announce that from today, Mybid is integrated with the Binom tracker.

    Now you have the opportunity to choose a ready-made settings template and spend a minimum of time setting up data transfer.

    Moreover, our colleagues offer a pleasant bonus:

    the first month is free and a 40% discount on the second month.

    Register at the link https://binom.org/signup?from=MYBINOM and take the Bonus.

    Good luck!

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    How can an affiliate save time?

    Hello to all affiliates! The MyBid team is here! Our platform makes an important thing - we help you drive traffic to your offers with almost no time spent at all. How can this be done, you may ask? Very simple. You just register in our network and your manager will do the rest.

    More details? Here's an interview with our affiliate on How To Drive Traffic From Advertising Networks, Is It Possible To Enter A New Niche With $150, And Where To Get Creatives For Push Notification Campaigns. He covers it all in detail there.

    Still have questions? Text below and we'll answer your questions. If you're going to the TES Affiliate Conference, let us know. We'll chat in person!

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    Hi Partner!

    MyBid continues to enrich its blog with interesting articles. There is both theory and practice. It's no secret that the most interesting thing for affiliates is cases.

    Today we present the story of one of the affiliates driving traffic solo with MyBid. He shared with us a very interesting story about driving traffic with PUSH in conjunction with PWA-applications on the gambling offer. The author gave details and statistics.

    At the link you can read the whole story about the experiment and its results.

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    Hi Partner!

    🚨 MyBid continues to enrich its blog with interesting articles. There is both theory and practice. It's no secret that the most interesting thing for affiliates is 🔥 cases.

    Today we present the story of one of the affiliates 🤝 driving traffic solo with MyBid. He shared with us a very interesting story about driving traffic with PUSH in conjunction with PWA-applications on the gambling offer. The author gave details and statistics.

    At the link you can read the whole story about the experiment and its results.

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    Hello there, Partners! It's great to hear about MyBid's exciting journey in the affiliate marketing world. Congratulations on going public and opening registration for everyone. With your focus on providing high-quality traffic to top verticals, I'm sure many advertisers and publishers will find value in your services.

    In terms of your best experience in affiliate marketing, it seems like MyBid has a lot to offer. Advertisers can choose between CPC and CPM models, benefit from a significant number of visits and impressions, and enjoy detailed targeting options that cater to their specific target audience. It's also great to hear that you provide assistance in creative creation and offer popular deposit services.

    For publishers, you offer increased CPM on various GEOs, detailed format customization, and a Google-friendly approach that ensures a positive user experience. The easy installation process and prompt support are definitely appreciated.

    It's also fantastic to see that you offer various advertising formats such as inpage push, push notifications, popunder, native (teaser), interstitial, banner, and video. This variety allows advertisers to choose the format that suits their campaign goals and target audience best.

    All in all, it seems like a comprehensive platform that provides a range of options for both advertisers and publishers. If anyone wants to get started or needs support, they can reach out to your team via email, Skype, or Telegram.

    i am researchimg affiliate marketing reading this blog


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    We continue to publish the most important and exciting things for affiliates . Today we are sharing how to get a solvent audience - iOS users - with the help of InPage.

    You will learn what this format is all about. Explore the Verticals where iOS audiences in IPPs show the best conversion rates, and understand how to get iOS users to take targeted actions using InPage push.

    Follow the link and read our article!
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    Hey, Partner!

    We work with almost all GEOs. Thanks to this, our platform is able to effectively cooperate with as many affiliates as possible.
    Here are the top GEOs by traffic volume:
    for In-Page it is - IN, US, IT, EG, BG. PUSH -IN, ID, BD, EG, RU;
    for PopUnder - IN, US, ID, EG, RU;
    for Pre-roll Video - IN, US, ID, JP, RU;
    for Banner - IN, US, JP, DE, FR;
    for Widget Notification - IN, US, ID, DE, BD.

    We work with a lot more GEOs than mentioned in the list. Create an account on our platform and get the best traffic from any region of the world. Follow the link https://mybid.io/

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    Today we will tell you how we work with advertisers. We call advertisers all our partners who come to us with their offers. It can be not only a young affiliate, but also, for example, an affiliate programme or directly a company that wants to bring traffic to its products or services. Usually they come to us with adult offers. So, let's describe the work point by point.

    1. The advertiser fills out a form on our website, and a manager contacts him.

    2. Getting to know each other. We start a dialogue with the advertiser, get acquainted, introduce ourselves, identify his needs according to the standard. After we have learnt his vertical, GEO, desired formats, we move on to the presentation.

    3. We tell them about our fully managed platform and what it means. Namely, all advertising campaigns are created, edited and optimised through the manager, i.e. directly by his hands. The advertiser will be given access to a personal cabinet where he can see the statistics of the campaign(s).

    There you can see statistics by day, by specific campaign, by clicks, by creo and traffic sources. The advertiser can top up the balance and see the actual, and he also has the ability to put on stop or on the contrary switch on any of his campaign.

    4. When our advertiser agrees with the proposed conditions, he receives the following message: "You are only required to discuss all questions regarding targeting (GEO, device, browsers, etc.), formats and budgets/bids. Of course, you need a link to the offer itself (preferably with our macros so you can optimise), you can send creatives if you need them, or we can help you pick them up, top up your balance and go!". Almost immediately after that we send a link to the postback and our macros (for the tracker).

    5. The advertiser sends everything requested, top up the account. After that, the manager creates a campaign. And that's it! Waiting for the profit!

    What else is important to know?

    - Our main tool in creating a campaign is the bidder itself. We don't use any tracker and create a campaign only there. This means that the advertiser sends us a ready URL from the tracker with our macros. Or in case it is impossible to track his offer, just the URL without macros.
    - We have the ability to configure postback, i.e. in our statistics the advertiser will see conversions and cost per conversion for his campaigns.
    - We are integrated with the major trackers - Binom, Bemob, Voluum, Peerclick and CPV Lab Pro. You can choose a ready-made preset.
    - We have a referral programme: +5% to your personal account. Please ask your manager for details.

    As you can see, the process of working with us is transparent and you can control your campaigns. Ready? Follow the link and click the "Start" button.

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    It's no secret that in Eastern Europe, the concept of affiliate marketing 90% refers to the promotion of products and services from the so-called “grayhat” niches. Even if an affiliate marketer sends traffic to a product or subscription payment offers, they are most likely to belong to the “grayhat” category, as they are fake or do not perform the promised functions at all.

    In the Eastern European affiliate community, it is believed that working with “whitehat” offers is done by beginners and it is less profitable since most of the time the commissions are very small. In contrast, for the rest of the world (mainly in Western countries), affiliate marketing focuses more on “whitehat” offers and legal ways to attract the target audience.

    That is why we have prepared this article for you. We have found out what affiliate marketing is according to Eastern and Western affiliates, understood why it is perceived differently, and now we are ready to tell you about it. Let's go!

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    The TES conference, which took place in Prague a while ago, highlighted several topics that are relevant to the affiliate community. Let's take a look back at the most relevant ones. This ranking is based on our subjective preferences only.

    1. Dos and Don'ts for AI-Powered SEO. Michael Melen, co-founder of SmartSites, believes that productivity in our industry has increased due to the results of ChatGPT. Due to this, there has been a major redistribution of power started. And after a while, what we will see are those who are using AI in leadership positions. However, the use of artificial intelligence might also become detrimental. For example, for SEO strategy.

    2. Mark Bauman, CEO of TrafficHaus, spoke about the conversion of OnlyFans traffic. He noted that the habit of consuming goods and services, which started with COVID-19, continues to expand. This includes traffic going to a well-known video resource. Monetising this user base can be achieved by building relationships with models looking to attract traffic to their onlyfans.

    3. How to generate more organic traffic through keyword installations for better app monetisation in 2023. It is widely known that to get organic instals from search, you need to make it easy to get users to find them in search. Logically, the higher your app ranks in search for a particular search query, the more users will see your app and consequently download it. One of the main ways of engagement is keyword instals. Thanks to them, the app rises in search, and organic users start to see it and download it. Promoting apps with keywords in 2023 to monetise traffic has its specifics. Such advertising increases organic traffic to the app. Moreover, the strategies for Android and iOS will be different.

    Which ones did you find the most memorable?

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