i would like to offer my language skills for manual translation of Your English website into Czech language.

First of all, my name is Vit and im native Czech speaker born in Czech Republic and living there my whole life (28 years). I think my translation skill is better for short text rather than professional, technical kind of articles. But im an czech article writer and im doing ~8 articles weekly, so you can expect average, good, even perfect quality.

My favorite/hobby niche: loans, mortgage, insurance, e-shops, webhosting, sales pages, SEO, marketing kind of articles.

http://zajimave-clanky.info/co-je-vps-a-kdy-se-pouziva/ - hosting
http://zajimave-clanky.info/4-kroky-jak-zvladnout-seo-webu/ - seo
http://zajimave-clanky.info/firemni-prezentace-na-internetu-jak-na-to/ - company website promotion
http://zajimave-clanky.info/obchodni-centra-jsou-vyhodna-pro-pronajem-kancelare/ - offices for rent

The price is $20 per 300 word article translation and or $10 for new article writing. Custom price always possible, i will try to modiffy myself according to Your needs.

Email/Chat (thank you)
ym, skype, icq, gtalk, msn (daily online GMT+1)

PS: i can offer reliability also in another Czech services. Do you need someone in Czech Republic? Im person to contact. Thank you