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Thread: What are the main reasons for a slow website?

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    What are the main reasons for a slow website?

    Frustrate with your slow website?

    Donít know the reason why your website is loading slow?

    Here we are with the main reasons for slow loading website:

    • Due to Too Many Ads
    • Due to Too Much Flash Content
    • Lack of Server Performance
    • Improper Server Location
    • Unoptimized Images & Javascript
    • Unoptimized CSS
    • Too Many HTTP Requests
    • Unclean Codes

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    Unoptimized Photos. ...
    JavaScript Issues. ...
    Too Much Flash Content. ...
    Excessive HTTP Requests. ...
    Not Making Use of Caching Techniques. ...
    Improper Coding. ...
    Not Using gZIP Compression. ...
    Too Many Ads.
    Internet Problems...
    Invalid Content on Website....
    Broken Links....

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    Reason 1: Poor quality hosting service.
    Reason 2: There is no cache layer.
    Reason 3: You are not using a content delivery network (CDN).
    Reason 4: Non-optimized image.
    Reason 5: The website code is too large.

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    There are many reasons for the slow speed of the website.

    1. Large or uncompressed image files
    2. multiple image files being called
    3. Exaggerated code
    4. Extensive Inline CSS
    5. JavaScript files not called asynchronously
    6. JavaScript & CSS files are not compressed
    7. Number of database queries
    8. Number of javascript or CSS files
    9. Video for especially streamed directly from the server
    10. Poorly coded HTML/CSS
    11. Without using a CDN
    12. Without using a cache for template files

    The two main reasons are Lack of site speed optimization or a slow hosting server.

    There are sometimes no issues with connection, security, or the machine you are using. However, the slowed speeds can always be traced back to slow server speed.

    Having a slow hosting provider that can't handle your website's marketing efforts and impede your pages' loading speed can significantly affect your CTA conversion and sales.

    If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of consumers will leave the site. If shoppers are dissatisfied with how long it took for their site to respond, 79% say they're less likely to purchase again from that site.

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    You might be using buggy software.
    Smart Words: Learn english to hindi word meaning.

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    Other reason for site slow loading

    Right !!
    apart from this,
    use of too many plugins
    ignoring lightweight themes
    and the site has a high amount of traffic and still, the site is hosted shared type of web hosting.
    above are also reasons that make your site slower.

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    This issue can be a lot of reasons. It's like medicine - your case is unique, always.
    Of course exist many similar problems: bed hosting providers, programmers' mistakes and etc. But if you have a problem with your website speed - find a smart programmer and work with him - 3541 Reviews and 100+ Tests of hosting providers

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