Please share Your experience and thougts about

my 7 years experience: (overall rating 3.5/5; reseller account price/value: 4.5/5)
- they have very cheap reseller with a WHMCS billing system license. (price 9usd/mo.)
- their support is good
- their technical support is average quality, once they caused my site be offline because of their unskilled staff. But that was an exception and they try to really help and are helpful.
- "Critical" priority technical ticket stayed for hours un-responded numerous times
- uptime is good, i am hosting 7 years+ with them and uptime+performance is decent.
- recently happened that they have suspended all my resold accounts including primary account that host my hosting reselling site+support portal without any prior notice. Why? Because some user was hosting a phishing page and they was thinking like 7 phishing reports in like 4 years was too much (2 reports for previous 12 months) - that i consider absolute minimum. Their upstream provider is claimed to be strict and nullroute IPs/server. Seems weird like they are not in control or do not know it is impossible to prevent phishing in the public hosting reselling. They were replying extremely slow during the time my sites was offline. After some time un-suspended primary site at least, but that was after i spend whole day fixing the mess.