Black Friday Bonuses!

We have prepared delicious bonuses for our dear advertisers! We are holding a bonus draw for those who during the period from 21.11 to 30.11 increase their spend by 25% or more.

Hot bonuses that await you:

> 1st place - $500
> 2nd place - $300
> 3rd place - $200
> 4th place - $100
> 5th place - $50

In order to take part in the drawing, fulfill the following conditions:

- Increase the spend compared to the previous period by 25% (in the period from 21.11 - 30.11 compared to the period 11.11 - 20.11)
- Spend more than $500 for the specified period (11.11 - 20.11)
- For new users, and for those who didn't spend in the period from 11.11 to 20.11, but want to participate in the drawing, it is necessary to spend more than $500 from 21.11 to 30.11.
- Write a letter with the subject “I want a bonus” to [email protected]
- The manager will assign you a unique nickname for the drawing and send it by mail. Be sure to keep it for yourself.
- If you have not received a promotional code before 11.00 CET on 1.12, then write an email to [email protected]

We’ll publish the results of the drawing on December 5th on our blog.

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