Installing Bitcoin/Altercoin miner on Linux VPS/Server

I used this coin miner:

This tutorial dont work on CentOS 5.x, but 6.x works probably. It works on debian based OSes too.

1) get a vps or server
2) login to server command line (ssh)
3) do commands to install miner
a) redhat: yum install git
if failed, then install epel repository:
b) debian based (ie. ubuntu): apt-get update;apt-get install git make automake screen libcurl4-openssl-dev
4) command: git clone
5) cd cpuminer-multi;./
6) ./configure CFLAGS="-O3 -march=native"
7) make

now miner can be run from your VPS command line (accessible using software Putty) by example command:

cd /root/cpuminer-multi && ./minerd -a cryptonight -o <pool address>:<pool port> -u <your_address> -p xxxx -t <number_of_threads>

as mentioned on

above command contain some values that you need to replace. (pool address, pool port, your address..) so these i dont know to test it fully.

You can use that command and reference to website and (the miner script i installed).