Ways to go around 1 IP limitation during nameservers registration at domain registar:

Set the second nameserver to IP (ns2.yourdomain.tld:
If something tries to query it, it will timeout and go to the first nameserver (your VPS IP)


Register two sets of nameservers at your domain registar.
First nameserver set - primary ns1: set your VPS/server IP, Secondary ns2: set some non existing IP or google IP (

Then create second nameservers set with ns3 and ns4, while ns3. having again Your VPS/server IP.

Then setting your domain name to ns1 and ns3 (having both your VPS/server IPs).


First ensure that nameserver IPs are set in your server control panel or SSH (Kloxo,Webmin,cPanel..). Try restarting "Bind" from Kloxo or from SSH command line (service named restart).

It will restart nameserver service on VPS/server.


via SSH, do command:
cat /etc/resolv.conf
ensure there you have this:

search google.com

if not there, you can add it using:
vim /etc/resolv.conf

Do it only if you are sure what you are doing!

Save its original content as a backup first


If you are on VPS, ask your server provider if he can use his machine as a nameserver to redirect requests to your VPS. Set root dedicated server or any other server IP as a secondary nameserver.

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