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Thread: What is fastest to setup CMS?

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    What is fastest to setup CMS?

    Which content management system is fastest to setup?

    PS: here are some Wordpress alternatives: http://internetlifeforum.com/content-management-systems/3818-wordpress-alternative-simple-cms-use/

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    AGREE wordpress its really easy to used

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    An unattended installation installs CMS without opening the installation wizard. The installation takes all default values and runs silently in the background.

    To run an unattended installation, issue one of the following commands replacing installation_path with the complete path to the location where CMS is installed:

    In Windows:

    install.bat –i silent –D USER_INSTALL_DIR=installation_path
    On UNIX:

    install.sh –i silent –D USER_INSTALL_DIR=installation_path

    Rachel Gomez

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