please what are the cheapest offers for this?

i need sever in any location having:
2xSSD, one at least 120GB, raid 1 software
100mbit connection non limitted, or just throttled, not needed to pay money for overuse
under $80/mo
free replace of faulty components
ability to buy more ips for affordable price
3 hours reply time on tech ticket

so far i found these offers:
6c12t i7990x, 24 GB, 2 x 120 GB SSD, 63.00 €
4c8t, 32GB RAM, 2x120GB SSD, $95, 5Ips - ssd raid10 for + $20!
6c4t, 16GB RAM, 2x120GB SSD, $130, 256IPs
4c8t E3 1245v2, 32Gb RAM, 2x120 GB SSD, 1Gbps, 1IP, $109
4c8t E3 1240v3, 32Gb RAM, 2x120 GB SSD, 300mbit-1gbit unmetered, 20IPv4 $110 (abuse: 72hrs, suspend IP/notdedi)
4c8t, 32GB RAM, 2x120GB SSD, 1gbps unlimit, $70/mo + $70 onetime, $3/IPv4