Hi, this topic is about talking about how hosting reselling works and why ones hosting account get suspended without notiffication.

This table shows how the initial server (computer) can be resold into webhosting accounts.

X ---- Datacenter rent space for servers / server racks -> empty space, electricity, connectivity
X + X ---- Webhosting company rent space in datacenter and accomodate their servers in Datacenter -> SERVER
X + X + X ---- Server hosting reseller company rent the server via internet and resell virtual servers out of it -> VPS
X + X + X + X ---- New VPS owner reselling his VPS and offer shared reseller hosting accounts to his client -> SHARED RESELLER ACCOUNT
X + X + X + X + X ---- The Shared Reseller Hosting owner now sell normal basic shared webhosting accounts -> SHARED HOSTING ACCOUNTS

So there is:
Datacenter -> Server owner -> Server reseller -> Virtual server owner -> Shared Hosting Reseller -> Shared Hosting owner

When there is any abuse email, it usually goes to Server Owner, he forward it to server reseller, who forward it to a VPS owner, who forward it to hosting reseller, who forward it to his client.
=> terrible scenario creating long delays between replies and result of suspension without notiffication (The Server owner usually require action, suspension/fix within 24 hours..)