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Thread: Lead Busters is a direct advertiser and an affiliate program presenting 250+ of its o

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    Lead Busters is a direct advertiser and an affiliate program presenting 250+ of its o

    Lead Busters is a direct advertiser and an affiliate program presenting 250+ of its own, as well as WhiteHat and Nutra offers. The network’s available on almost all of the continents. This means that our partners have better opportunities to conquer high profits in the affiliate marketing field than they’d have with other networks.

    Join us to get these benefits:

    • our own call centers with lighting speed that we’re proud of;
    • our own logistics;
    • in-house platform with domain parking options, API, statistics, and an ability for you to constantly grow;
    • fully competent managers always ready to help you;
    • extra bonuses as contextual traffic, free landing pages and creatives translations;
    • payout rates starting from $32 per lead.

    Lead Busters is a powerful team of professionals with the aim to increase your income.

    Sign up here 👉🏻

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    ✨ Hi guys! Let’s welcome Alexey Agarkov, the guest of our today’s interview. He’s a solo affiliate and the owner of the Perviy Arbitrazhniy VKontakte public page.

    Alexey has shared his feelings about the nutra market in 2021, told us how he finds profitable campaign approaches, and, the most interesting part - he’s told us about his best case in his career Without further ado, let’s start!

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    �� Traffic filtering with a 25% benefit!

    If you’ve just wanted to try something new, then here’s your chance to do so – sign up to the Hide.click service with our 25% discount for any of their packages, just use the LEADBUSTERS promocode☺️

    HideClick provides:
    - A free 7-day trial period without any feature limitations
    - An ability to work with Facebook/Google Adwords/Direct/TikTok and other traffic sources
    - PHP/JS/API/WebView integrations
    - Unlimited options for domains/companies/traffic volume
    - Video lessons for beginners
    - Instant integrations and scaling your workspace to any volumes

    ���� https://hide.click

    Hope you get lucky with your ad launches!❤️
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    �� Every decent affiliate has at least once wondered about how they can drive traffic without having to spend a dime. Or, do so at minimum expense.
    It is very possible to find such traffic these days but you can only call it free under certain conditions because, in any case, you will have to spend a lot of your time and effort.

    ✨ Let’s find out what kind of sources can provide that: https://bit.ly/3FfJQKM
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    ✏️ Affiliate marketing has drastically changed in the past few years. A publisher needs to know so much more than the bare minimum these days, of course, in case they want to have a steady profit. We must know how to do pretty much anything these days: work with creatives, layout coding, know how to set up all the metrics, postback, anti-detect browsers, workaround moderation, and finally, launch that campaign.
    And, of course, it’s important to know how to buy and set up proxies, since anti-fraud systems of all the giant ad platforms are also rapidly developing.
    In this article, we’re going to puzzle out why proxies are needed for affiliate marketing, what these are, where you can buy them, and how you can set them up, let’s start!

    Enjoy the article: https://bit.ly/3nqJHy6
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    �� Let’s start this Monday with some nice discounts!

    Dear followers, affiliates need proxies like panda bears need bamboo ��

    ProxyPanda provides quality and trustworthy proxies for any of your needs!
    — social media multi counting
    — exclusively provided private proxies
    — high speed of connection and change of IP guaranteed

    ���� https://proxypanda.ru

    Use the LEADBUSTERS promo code to get a 20% discount ��
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    ✨ Want to star this Monday with a free bonus?

    Our discount becomes especially handy when Facebook is extra hard to cope with. The discount is for a very useful software that helps automate the process of working with ads — FBTOOL can be a lifesaver ��

    ✅ The service tracks and hides/deletes negative user comments.
    No negativity — no destructive thoughts for your potential leads!
    ✅ Monitor statistics of dozens accounts in this one place and from any of your devices!
    ✅ Manage your ads right from the service: turn your campaigns on and off and get notified about all the activities.

    All of these and many more on Fbtool.pro with a 20% DISCOUNT under the LEADBUSTERS promo code ��
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