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Thread: How to achieve good health?

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    How to achieve good health?

    What to do to achieve good health?

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    I think the first is that you should not begun to smoke if you are stressed from work or school. Take a regulary breakfirst and eat and drink only healthy drinks at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do minimum one time per week regulary sport or together with others because it is more fun.

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    Exercise, proper diet, eat well, manage sugar, sleep early and smoke if you want to die early..

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    You can get good health by doing exercise and include in diet green vegetables and fresh fruits.

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    Healthy and quality food, work hard to digest the food, avoid things which harm your body, and live a healthy life..

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    I quit smoking 2 weeks before and I reduce unhealthy food such as barbecue and other....

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    Practice healthy living styles with proper food habits and exercise.

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    To become a good health you have to do regular exercise and jogging then you will get the good health like me .

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    Think, Eat and Sleep..

    Think before you eat that its healthy food or not (rich in protein, vitamins, calcium etc).
    Get proper rest and rest you body.

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    Eat organic, foods with vitamins, protein for long healthy life.

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