An experienced webmaster was subjected to corporate espionage by a glamorous young woman,siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, yet google and tata group have rewarded this young woman with great powers and lucrative assignments. siddhi mandrekar, looks like kim kardashian, and is from a very well connected family, so it appears that no one is willing to take action against her. She is now probably working a top security organisation like ntro, r&aw, cbi, military intelligence or some other similar agency, as a reward for this corporate espionage, which allows her to commit further crimes on the experienced webmaster who she cheated.

Similarly the webmaster was cheated by another woman nayanshree hathwar of her hard earned money , again nayanshree hathwar was rewarded for this act of cheating by google and tata group.Is it Google's unofficial policy to reward scammers and cheaters in India, especially those who commit fraud on experienced webmasters in India?