When changed date/timezone settings in vbulletin, my time did not updated.

The reason can be that vbulletin using time/zone which is set on hosting server, or you have set wrong value in your forum profile.

what to do?

change date time on your hosting server

try to set your date preference in php.ini file lcoated in yoru forum root directory (public_html, www...):

date.timezone = "Europe/Prague"
(Replace Europe/Prague by corresponding timezone value from http://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.php)

update all existing users timezones by doing query on mysql database (from PHPmyadmin). FIrst backup your database.

UPDATE user SET timezoneoffset = X
Where X is the offset hours from UTC/GMT... for example: 5, 8, -8, etc. (If you are GMT + 2, then set 2)


Turn automatic DST (Daylight saving time) recognition on or off for all users. running mysql query from phpmyadmin. (backup mysql first)

Turn ON autodst:
UPDATE user SET options = options + 64 WHERE NOT(options & 64)
Turn OFF autodst:
UPDATE user SET options = options - 64 WHERE options & 64

If you still see bad time, go to your forum profile (front end), Settings/ General Settings and check if you have correct zone and DST set