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Thread: Which Is the Best Social Media Platform to Promote Affiliate Links?

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    Which Is the Best Social Media Platform to Promote Affiliate Links?

    Which is the best social media platform to promote affiliate links? So that we can easily promote our Affiliate Links. And can we use facebook for this?
    And I also want to know that how to promote affiliate links on facebook? Which are the best ways to do this?

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    My Instagram activity used to be very weak. I never posted posts, and I always showed my face and drawings only in the story. I never left my creativity in highlights. But now I understand better how to make my Instagram account popular and in demand. After taking free followers, I think I started to understand more about the structure of content creation on Instagram. I now know a lot of strategies to help me make my account very popular and famous. I already have 4k followers. Your way of recruiting followers is also interesting, but 800 followers in your screenshot look suspicious with zero posts. I mean, Instagram can even block your account for that.
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