First you need Linux server

Then install webmin: 5 minutes job

Then setup SSL login (not required): 5 minutes job

Then install FTP
: (15+ minutes job?)

yourservip:1000 / Webmin / Webmin Configuration / Webmin Modules / Select "Standard module from" and write: proftpd / "Install Module" button

Then in left Webmin menu is search filed, add "ftp"; click "ProFTPD Server" if it dont show configuration and cant be installed, you may need to isntall some additional CentOS repository. I installed it this way:

Others / Custom Shell / paste command: "wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/kbsingh-CentOS-Extras.repo" and execute.

Then execute: "yum install proftpd -y"

Installed? Then start it and make it start on boot (centos) by executing "service proftpd start;chkconfig proftpd on"

Now The "ProFTPD Server" should be in Webmin "System" side menu.

Setup a new user from Webmin. System / Users and Groups / "Create a new user" link / set "Normal password" and i also assigned user group "ftp" in "Secondary groups". "Save" button.

After i reboot server, i was able to connect ftp as my newly created user and server myserverip:21