Ideas on what may be good to code for Android.

- Scheduled wifi/data off & app launch, kill Android app

schedule hours when android can
a) turn off wifi/data packets for classic GSM
b) turn off sounds (already existing app Silent Sleep and Sleep Mode does this)
c) turn off certain app at set times/dates
d) launch certain app at set times/dates


- Linux server monitor - Android app
Allows keep-alive connection via SSH to an linux server and following actions:
- run easilly and quickly user predefined commands and show output (if too difficult to code, its not needed, there are terminal apps already)
- keep monitoring remote linux server executing user defined commands or a server side script and if output matches user defined string, then play melody/alarm for some time which then turns into silent repeated sound untill muted.
- remember server password (or ssh key?) and keeping it encrypted in phone memory?

Alternative: server can be configured to send emails and then user can use some Android app that sound notiffy when an email from defined recipient arrive. If immediate action is not required, then sound notiffication is not needed, one can just instruct server to send out email. There is also one app that allows remote server ports monitoring.


- Email client, sound notiffier - Android app

read email headers from certain POP3/imap? mailbox/es and if match user defined phrasses (not exact match but like kdfjdjfjmy phrassejfdfdf) in mail header, subject.. it trigger action on Android phone
actions: show onscreen notiffication that needs to be clicked. notiffication contsin mail header like sender, subject.. good if one can download message and see contents. (or additionally app add notiffication in top rollover menu of the adnroid screen), can play sound infinite or short sound, or timeout sound.
- Can choose to bypass silent mode sound playback.
- can select mail check frequency in seconds
- can choose to dont check mails in certain hours (sleep hour)

Alternative to this app
: there already is app that sound notify if email is received: Mail Alert
Email notiffier and Mail notiffication appears to have similar functions