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Thread: Find answer to any question in 15 seconds on the internet

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    Find answer to any question in 15 seconds on the internet

    I dont know Your internet search skills, but this is an guide which can save your precious time, maybe hours of your time in future if you learn it and keep in mind that your time is precious.

    How to find answer to any question in 15 seconds on the internet?

    ===== Total 5 seconds =====

    1. Start imagining what You want to find and do following process sub-consciously at same time:
    2. One click to open new Tab in internet browser (1 second)
    3. Start writing search term you creating in your mind into address field (4 seconds)

    ===== ===== ===== =====

    the search term is usually 3 words in my case.

    If you want to find how to do something then enter:

    how to setup a website
    if you want to get best product amongst some group:

    best blogging platform
    best gift for woman
    if you want to see exactly comparison of service/product:

    hosting comparison
    racing wheel comparison list
    torrent clients comparison
    if you are looking for the cheapest product with some kind of review:

    cheapest hosting
    cheapest hosting list
    Or combinate cheapest and comparison / review:

    cheapest hosting comparison
    ===== Total 2-7 seconds=====

    4. Search results. Usually check only first search page and open like 1-5 websites in a new tabs in order from most relevant by your oppinion by holding Ctrl or Shift key and left mouse click. (do this subconsciously, still imagining what you are looking for)

    ===== ===== ===== =====

    5. start browsing websites in order how you opened them (you opened first websites that you think are most relevant, so start browsing these first).

    Side notes: Do not stuck on first webpage you find, quickly navigate between result pages when you cant read exactly what you looking for keeping in mind that your time is precious.

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    This is really very helpful post for finding answer for any question in 15 seconds
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